Farewell 7th Grade Language Arts!!

It’s that time again; the end of the year. I have had a great time this year in language arts with my amazing teacher Mrs. Lofton! I have learned so much about grammar, reading, writing, literature, but most importantly BLOGGING!! If you check the first posting of this blog, you will see that I posted a creativity posting. This post was made at the beginning of the year, before our class started our blogs. At that time I didn’t really know how posting to the internet would feel like; was I comfortable with it? Was I scared? Was I embarrassed?

I answered questions about how I could be creative with the internet and at school. Also, I answered if I would feel different with the internet seeing my posts or if it was just my teacher. My opinions changed throughout the year, and I just wanted to share my blogging experiences with everybody before school is over… For one, I think that my creativity can really show in blogging. Postings can be about anything you want them to be! Your life, family, pets, and even school! I sometimes post pictures that I found on flickr that interest me. Also I can be creative outside of school. I play soccer for a team and like to hang out with friends. These things that I do outside of school are also things I can blog about!

When I wrote my creativity posting, I said that I would feel more comfortable if only my teacher saw my postings. My opinion has changed. Now, I feel that blogging isn’t as scary as I thought it would be. People aren’t going to judge you on the things you post about! It’s all for fun!

For me, my favorite posting of the year would have to be the Catalina posting. After I came back from my field trip to Catalina I had so much to write about! I think that everybody enjoyed reading the post! I think that my year in Mrs. Lofton’s language arts class was very fun. I learned so much this year and Mrs. Lofton was a great teacher. I will miss 7th grade and will never forget it!

Revelations- Schuyler Van Alen

A recent book I have read is called Revelations by Melissa de la Cruz. This book is the third book in the series, Blue Bloods. This whole series is about vampires, with suspense and romance. In the third book, Revelations, Schuyler Van Alen goes through some very rough times, and has to make some hard decisions.

Schuyler, was part of a group called the Blue Bloods which were an ancient group of vampires. Schuyler was the only half-blood ever in vampire history, so she was very special. There were many challenges, and decisions that Schuyler had to face throughout the book. One challenge that was new to Schuyler, was that she had to live under the same roof as her worst enemy, Mimi Force. The great part about this, was that Mimi’s brother was the one and only Jack Force, Schuyler’s forbidden crush. Toward the end, Schuyler had to chose between her crush, Jack, or her best friend, Oliver. These choices were hard for her, but she wanted to make everyone happy. A fight also occurs in Rio de Janeiro, which lead to bloody battles, and Schuyler was torn between the good and bad.

I think that Schuyler and I have many similarities and differences between us. One similarity is that we both are very curious about things. Schuyler loves to be part of any mysteries or drama, and so do I! A difference I have between Schuyler is that she has black hair, and I have blond hair. Also, Schuyler for the most part, has barely any friends (vampires or humans). I have a big social circle of friends I hang out with.

The way that I liked Schuyler at the beginning of the book until now didn’t change. Schuyler is a great character, and she will always be one of my favorites. My opinions about her changed a little…. In the beginning of the book, Schuyler was just learning about all of the vampire secrets. At the end, she was part of all the drama. I liked Schuyler better at the end because there was more adventure.

Schuyler is an amazing character, and Revelations is a great book!! Here is a picture that I found on flickr that relates to Schuyler.

Picture 2 http://www.flickr.com/photos/bjornmeansbear/4331220629/sizes/l/

Spring Break!!!

For me, Spring break was extremely fun! I went on a vacation to MAMMOTH! This Spring break was the first time I have ever gone to mammoth, and I was so excited to go! When we finally arrived to Mammoth, after the 6 hour car ride, we were all so relieved. When we first got out of the car we could feel the freezing cold weather! Mammoth, is on top of a huge mountain, and the climate was pretty cold! We unloaded everything into our condo, but had to go straight away to get our snowboard rentals. The next day was the big snowboard day!

The next day was the first time I had ever snowboarded, so my brother and I all were in snowboard lessons. Learning was hard at first, but eventually I understood everything and got the hang of it. In the end, snowboarding was a blast! I had so much fun going down all of the slopes and hills, and was so happy with everything.

Unfortunately, the next day we all had to leave Mammoth. We had a lot of fun snowboarding, and playing in the thick, cold snow, but we had to get home. I had so much fun on my spring break, and I could never trade it for anything else!

Here is a picture of Mammoth that I found on flickr.com….
Picture 3


Challenge 4- Our Environment

There are many things that we can all do to help our planet Earth. If everybody does one small deed, then it makes a huge difference!!

When I am at school, or at home, I do many small, but important things to help our environment. When I go to school, I drive in a carpool. This helps because it uses much less gasoline, which can hurt the Earth. I also use a canteen, instead of a plastic bottle, which saves plastic. When I’m at home there are a lot of things that I can do to save the environment. When I leave my room, I always remember to turn my light off. This way it doesn’t waste energy when I don’t need to. Some other things i do are that I don’t shower too long, I always recycle, and don’t watch T.V or use the computer a lot.

As I have said, there are many was to help our environment, and I am sure that if all of you try, we can really make a difference!

Here is a photo I found on flickr.com ……….. Picture 1

Challenge 3- Where I live

During my life I have lived many places. When I was born, I lived in an apartment in West Hollywood, with my parents. I lived there until I was three, and then moved to Sherman Oaks to live in a bigger house. I moved there because my brother was going to be born. Later on, when i turned 6, I moved to where I live, now in Agoura Hills! I love it here in Agoura. There are so many mountains, and trees, and the weather is always beautiful! All of my neighbors are close friends of mine, and everyone is so nice. My middle school, Lindero, is amazing! California is a great place to live in, and I would never want to move from where I live now!

My novel

Hello, I am soccergirl13, and I have just finished my “imaginary” novel. The title of my book is called The Special Children. In my book there are many great adventures to read through, and it will take take your mind away! I would like you to read the first paragraph of The Special Children. Here it is:

The boy sat on the sidewalk, with a frown on his dull face. The wind shook his hair frantically, but he didn’t care. The only reason he was there was to wait. He was waiting for someone in particular; a girl. Eventually after a few hours time, he saw her. She was riding her bike down the narrow road, and stopped dead when she saw this boy. Quietly the boy walked over to her.”Is your name Kate Whetherby?”  he asked. Kate, scared to death, quietly answered, “Um, yes I am. Who are you?” “My name is unspeakable! I am here to hand you this note.” he finally stated. When Kate took it, she rode home a quickly as possible. When she got home she read the note. It declared…….

Dear Ms. Whetherby,

We are here to inform you that you are special. Not the kind that can just do math equations, but a different kind of special. Let me put this in better words; you know things. We here at Green Falls want you as a student to go on a secret mission. You would be a very important part in our academy. Many other kids are special, so you are not the only one. So please respond as soon as you can, so we can know when to proceed on with this adventure.

Thank you, Manny Itcher.

So if you would like to hear more of my novel please click on the book talk I have embedded below…

Resolutions to Amanda Ellerby

The book that I have just finished is called 11 Birthdays. The main character in this book is named Amanda Ellerby. Her ex-best friend, is named Leo Fitzpatrick, and both of them have not talked to each other for a whole year. Amanda has three resolutions she would like to share with you. First, she would really like to be friends again with Leo. Even though it seems like she hates him for life, she is very close to him, and they have a lot of fun together. Since last year she has not been friends with Leo because he made fun of her. Leo didn’t really mean it. He was just trying to impress his friends. Secondly, Amanda wants to make it on the cheerleading team. Her good friend Stephanie is very good at cheerleading, and she is encouraging Amanda to try out. All of the popular girls are going to make the team, and Amanda wants to be friend’s with them. Lastly, Amanda wants to have one day the same! In the story, since Amanda’s birthday, she has woken up to experience the same day over and over again! She does not know what is happening, but she wants it to stop! Amanda Ellerby is a very interesting character, and I encourage you to read 11 Birthdays.

My Winter Break Trip!

During my Winter break I did many fun things. On Sunday, two days after Christmas, my family and I went on a trip to San Francisco. We have been going every winter break for the past three years. I love going there because it is a great time to share with my family. I always have fun, and see many great things.

On Sunday morning we left to San Francisco in our car (It takes about six hours to get there). A few hours later we stopped for breakfast at a restaurant. Finally after six hours, we got to San Francisco. Our hotel was called The Saint Francis. It is right in the center of Union Square. That night, my family went ice skating in Union Square. I hadn’t been ice skating in a while, so this was kind of new to me. It was really fun, but I slipped a lot! Since we got there late, it was the end of our day. The next day we went to Golden Gate Park. There was this new exhibit where there were three things in one. There was a living rain forest, a planetarium, and an aquarium. The living rain forest was cool because there were real animals, and you could feel the humidity in the room. In the aquarium there were a lot of interesting fish like piranhas, sharks, and jellyfish. The planetarium is where you sitting in a room and a movie was playing on a dome. The images zoom fast your face while you are watching.

On our last day in San Francisco we went to Fisherman’s Wharf. Right when I got out of the car I could smell the fishy smell in the air. My mom hates the smell, but I kind of like it. While we were there we went on some old ships that used to sail, and walked around by the piers. After the Wharf we went to the Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory. It was very busy so we didn’t stay long. We then went back to our hotel, and the rest of the day was gone. When we woke up it was our departure day. We were all very sad yo leave, but we were ready to go. My trip to San Francisco was amazing! I did many fun things, and saw many great things. I hope I go back again next year.